Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

Trading Market Makers

Money managers are usually corporations or professional traders responsible for trading a certain number of client accounts. Quite often their scope of activities will lie in multiple asset classes and not solely foreign exchange. Most money managers adopt a non-discretionary methodology, this means that they will inform their customers of their trading decisions and gain their approval before entering the market.

BV Trading offers a special allocate platform for money managers enabling them to effectuate block trades for as many customers as necessary with the same purely one-click, no RFQ, execution methodology as featured in the individual customer platform. Pre-define trading groups by transaction size with optional last second input.

BV Trading is capable of very attractive revenue sharing programs and payouts are made on a totally flexible basis.

The Ultimate FX trading tool for money managers

The allocate platform allows you to trade and monitor multiple accounts of different types and sizes on a single platform. With this platform you may trade each account as part of a group or individually and monitor each account's activity and print out statements and equity runs for each client.

You will be able to:

  • Carry out (or modify any existing) market, limit, stop, OCO, If-Done, If Done OCO and trailing stop forex orders in a single operation, for up to a limitless amount of customers.
  • Adapt trading conditions and default transaction sizes to each individual account.
  • Switch at a single click between group trading and individual account trading and in-between different trading groups.
  • Save time by customizing along with your preferences and trading requirements.
  • Print out statements and equity runs for each client.
  • Provide every individual account holder with a view only access.

Trade and monitor all types and sizes of accounts on a single platform.

While being able to fully operate each account individually and to monitor each account's activity marked to market, second by second (Account Balances, total open positions and P&L, margin exposure, ROI, etc.) and print out statements and equity runs for each client.

In addition, monitor earnings and performance fees (profit sharing, fixed commissions).

Make the most out of the adaptability and flexibility of BV Trading's Allocate Platform.

Adapt trading conditions to each individual account separately. Allow various default transaction sizes adapted to the cash equity of each account. Selectively arrange the platform to view only preferred fields, charting tools, market news, account details and data.

Exploit the ease of use of the Allocate Platform's environment.

Switch at a single click between group trading and individual account trading. At the click of a button you can effortlessly toggle between various trading groups. Generate 6 assorted types of reports. View as many different charts as you would like, simultaneously.

Why GI Partners

Offering some of the tightest spreads and lowest margins across the industry.

  • Providing you with competitive spreads
  • Help you make better-informed trading decisions
  • Excellent products and quality service
  • Providing trading mobile application download
  • Client funds are held in segregated accounts

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