Saturday 21st of September 2019


Low spreads between the buy and the sell prices.

ETFs track specific stock, bond, commodity or currency indices, some of which have a regional focus, while others have a sector focus.


ETCs can be traded on a stock exchange in the same manner as a traditional company stock. Typically, Exchange Traded Commodities follow an index or basket of commodities such as Precious Metals or Energies.


Trading ETFs and ETCs online provides investors with a low-cost and flexible way of accessing stock and commodity markets. With BV Trading Markets you can trade these and other funds online at the click of a button – direct over our award-winning online platform.


No commissions! - fixed spreads

ETFs - Exchange-traded fund with low spreads between the buy and sell prices.

Advanced trading tools

Free trading platform - professional graphs, profit/loss limits, variety of ETFs.

High leverage, low margin

Trade on the ETF market with up to 1:15 leverage. Allows you to start trading Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with as little as $200 to gain the effect of $3,000 capital.

Start Trading ETFs Now!

Start trading Exchange-traded fund immediately - opening an account only takes 5 minutes! Fund it by credit card, MoneyBookers, PayPal or wire.

Why GI Partners

Offering some of the tightest spreads and lowest margins across the industry.

  • Providing you with competitive spreads
  • Help you make better-informed trading decisions
  • Excellent products and quality service
  • Providing trading mobile application download
  • Client funds are held in segregated accounts

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