Saturday 21st of September 2019

Platform for iPhone


As the most popular forex trading platform, MetaTrader 4 can now be used for the iPhone or iPad, and completely free, can also be used on the road account transactions. Using the software, you can always control their own trading account, orders and the use of more than 30 kinds of technical indicators for market analysis.

iPhone Trader is a full-featured trading platform that allows you to any of the supported operating systems iOS devices are able to manage their own trading accounts. If you do not want to install software on your computer, or on the road most of the time, that this software is your choice. iPhone Trader enables you whenever and wherever they can quickly access your trading account.



As a feature-rich platform, customers can move through advanced technology to create a favorable market opportunities to gain trade advantages:

  • Opens, closes instant or market orders; places, amends, removes working orders: Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Stop Loss, Take Profit.
  • Creates different types of charts.
  • Extensive list of indicators.
  • Tecnical Analysis.
  • Monitors and manages open positions, equity and exposure online.
  • Monitors online news.
  • Provide access to internal mail system.
  • Monitors and manages open positions, equity and exposure online.
  • Creates demo accounts.
Why GI Partners

Offering some of the tightest spreads and lowest margins across the industry.

  • Providing you with competitive spreads
  • Help you make better-informed trading decisions
  • Excellent products and quality service
  • Providing trading mobile application download
  • Client funds are held in segregated accounts

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