Monday 14th of October 2019

Security Management

Safe and secure transaction

No matter how you way into BV Trading Master, protect your rights is our top priority. We will always be your financial information confidential, so every time when others are using the account will not see.

We use the latest anti-fraud technology, in addition, we offer a separate account protection help you prevent identity theft.


Secure Transaction

BV Trading Master liquidation make transactions more secure protection. If you have problems qualifying orders (although rare), we will help you solve the problem.

Full compensation - if you report within 60 days of qualifying events, then your transaction will get full compensation.

Refund Policy - if they meet the conditions of completion of the transaction and the market price discrepancies, we will compensate you for the full protection of the liquidation transaction amount and handling.

Full support - our customer service is ready to help you solve problems. We can help you deal with suspicious account activity, identity theft problems, but also can solve the transaction problem.


ATM card security

Add to BV Trading Master to trade foreign exchange, you will enjoy additional protection, you apply through, will get BV Trading Master the VISA ATM card, so you can at any bank in the world take away your money, you can rest assured that your money safe, focusing on trading .


BV Trading Master international VISA Card

  • Authorization issued by the BV Trading Master multicurrency VISA Card
  • $ 30,000 high daily spending limit
  • By Global 1.9 million ATM machines to withdraw local currency at any time
  • 24 million in worldwide retail terminals or shops online consumer
  • Available online as well as the balance of the card transaction records
  • All transactions and consumption by dual passwords and security chip
  • There dollar, British pound, euro and Swiss franc and other currencies optional
Why GI Partners

Offering some of the tightest spreads and lowest margins across the industry.

  • Providing you with competitive spreads
  • Help you make better-informed trading decisions
  • Excellent products and quality service
  • Providing trading mobile application download
  • Client funds are held in segregated accounts

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