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Protection: BV Trading has always been and will continue to adhere to strict management regulations in order to most effectively protect our customers and the company itself. We are able to cope with any challenge, and always put safety first.

Anti-money laundering definition: those who use financial institutions to the income obtained by illegal or criminal means into legitimate income is money laundering activities. Money laundering usually through 3 steps.

The first step, put money into financial institutions.

Less the second step, for small scale wind risks of financial transactions, transfer balance to other accounts, such as the futures account and blurs the true source of money.

Third step, put money back to the market, make it from legal channels, such as turning off the futures account and will play into the bank account balance.

The trading of futures traders account may have been as channels of money laundering or to blur the real source of the funds.


To apply for withdrawal at any time

BV Trading to provide convenient and rapid procedure of gold, the client may apply for withdrawal at any time.


Additional security

Account deficit protection policy, your losses will not be more than your initial deposit. When your account balance is less than 100% margin requirement, we will automatically for you. In addition, the current-account deficit protection more you with the additional protection. Meet with abnormal market fluctuations lead to your account balance appear negative, we will put your account balance to zero, adjusting range can be high up to $50000 (or equivalent account base currency).


No proprietary trading

We never take part in any proprietary trading, using only their own money hedging transactions with customers.

Why GI Partners

Offering some of the tightest spreads and lowest margins across the industry.

  • Providing you with competitive spreads
  • Help you make better-informed trading decisions
  • Excellent products and quality service
  • Providing trading mobile application download
  • Client funds are held in segregated accounts

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